Bob Oley, PE, MSPH
Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Prevention Expert
Public Health and Site Consultant

Site Consultations

As part of his consulting work, Bob inspects properties and makes recommendations to owners on how they can better manage their residences or workplaces to reduce the number of ticks. When the tick populations are thinned out or eliminated, those using the properties will have a lesser chance of getting bitten by a tick and becoming infected with Lyme disease or another tick-borne infection.


One can reduce the number of ticks on his or her property by various management techniques. These include making minor landscaping changes with the goal of creating drier areas on the property; ticks avoid dry conditions at all costs to prevent dehydration and death. Toward this end, pruning trees, opening up more yard areas to sunlight, eliminating leaf and brush piles, using more wood chips around gardens, and keeping grass cut short can all prove effective measures in keeping ticks away.


Restricting deer from going on the property, through the reasonable use of deer fencing, can also be helpful. Needless to say, rodents such as white footed mice, chipmunks, and shrews, as well as other animals, need to be kept in check as they themselves carry tick-borne diseases, which can be transferred to you through the bite of a tick.


Bird feeders, which attract deer, rodents and other pests, should always be located away from commonly used areas of the property. Furthermore, old stone walls and woodpiles, which provide harborage for rodents, should also be looked at with an eye toward removing them or keeping clear of them.


By evaluating your property for all these conditions and more, Bob can provide you with a strategic plan for making your property safer from ticks and the tick-borne diseases they carry. He can also deal directly with either you or your site landscaper to help you develop a long-term plan to effectively manage your property against ticks.


Contact Bob today to learn more about scheduling a property consultation either in person or by Skype.