Bob Oley, PE, MSPH
Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Prevention Expert
Public Health and Site Consultant

Interviews with Bob

Bob's expertise has been widely sought across the country. Here are some interviews he has conducted regarding Lyme and other Tick-Borne diseases and prevention...

Progressive Radio, May 2014 (Audio) -  Interview on Natural Nurse

SiriusXM Doctor Radio, April 2014 (Audio) - "Beyond the Heart," Interview with Host, Dr. Nieca Goldberg

SiriusXM Doctor Radio, July 2013 (Audio) - Interview with Host, Dr. Jonathan Whiteson

NBC News 4 New York, June 2013 (Video) - Prevention for Children

You Bet Your Garden (NPR), August 2012 (Audio) - Tick Prevention

The Magic Garden Show, August 2012
(Audio) - Interview with Radio Host, Mort White

BlogHer, July 2012 - Ticks: A Tiny, but Serious Threat